Triathlon Training Programme

During the Triathlon Season (Terms 4 and 1) our weekly training programme is designed to fit around school times an example of weekly training is as follows, basically the programme tries to include 3 runs. 3 rides and 3 swims per week. It varies week by week, this is ONLY an example.
Monday Swim 1hr/Core Work Group Session
Tuesday Run 30-45min 
Wednesday  AM Swim 1hr - PM  Bike 60 min 
Thursday Run/Bike 1hr  15min to 1hr 30min
Friday   AM Swim 1hr
Saturday Swim/Bike/Run 1hr 30min 
Sunday Bike 1hr 30min 2hrs 30min *
* This is best done with your local cycle shop, but this is NOT a group session and EVERY rider should ride with a parent in case the pack is too fast, there's no waiting for riders on this ride.