Swim, Bike, Run Sessions

Our weekly (where possible) Swim/Bike/Run session is usually held at Mission Bay 7:00am on Saturday mornings.

We swim as a group for approximately 750-1000m then get on to our bikes (again riding as a group) for 15-20km, finishing off with a 3-5km run.  This is not done at pace, it's simply to get atheletes used to all elements of triathlon.  This is the one session that CANNOT be done without parental help.  The more parent riders the safer the riders will be.  Also some riders are faster than others due to the age/sex differences, so the training is better paced with parental assistance. 
Athletes should use this as a way to practise elements of transition but more importantly the nutritional aspects of the sport, experimenting to work out what works best for them.