School Triathlon Championships

Our the training is focused on the prime target events, namely:-
  • Auckland Secondary Schools Aquathon Championship - 18th Feb 2014, Saint Kentigern College
  • Auckland Secondary Schools Triathlon Championship - 4th March 2014 - Saint Kentigern College
  • National Secondary Schools Triathlon Championships, Gisborne - 27th March 2014
  • National Secondary Schools Aquathon Championships, Gisborne - 28th March 2014
  • National Schools Open Water Championships, Gisborne - 29th March 2014
  • Auckland Secondary Schools Team Tag Triathlon - 2nd April 2014, Saint Kentigern College
  • Auckland Secondary Schools Duathlon Championship - 16th May 2014, Saint Kentigern College
  • National Schools Duathlon Championships - 31st August 2014 - Taupo

The distances that are "usually" raced at these events are as follows:-

Auckland Secondary Schools Triathlon (including Team Tag)
Year 7/8  200m Swim, Road Bike 5km & 2km Run
U14         400m Swim, Road Bike 10km & 4km Run
U16         500m Swim, Road Bike 15km & 4km Run
U19         750m Swim, Road Bike 20km & 6km Run

National Schools
Year 7/8 150m Swim /  7km Cycle /  Run 1.6km
U14        350m Swim /  11.4km Cycle / Run 3.2km
U16        500m Swim /  15km Cycle / Run 3.4km
U19        750m Swim /  20km Cycle / Run 5.1km

National Schools Open Water Swimming
Year 7 Individual - 500m
Year 8 Individual - 500m
U14 Individual - 1km
U16 Individual - 1km
U19 Individual - 1.5km
Auckland Secondary Schools Duathlon
Year 7/8  2km Run, Road Bike 5km & 2km Run
U14         4km Run, Road Bike 10km & 2km Run
U16         4km Run, Road Bike 15km & 2km Run
U19         6km Run, Road Bike 20km & 2km Run
National Secondary Schools Duathlon
Year 7 & 8  2km Run/ 7km Cycle/ 1km Run
U14            2.5km Run/10km Cycle/2.5km Run
U16            3.5km Run/15km  Cycle/2.5km Run
U19            5km Run/20km Cycle/2.5km Run