School Triathlon Coach

This website has been created to encourage more and more school children to train for school triathlon events.  Many schools do not have any formal triathlon coach and therefore no triathlon team is formed.
Due to the demands, both physical and financial it's important the school children from Year 7 to Year 13 are coached in a safe environment and enjoy the sport.  With the financial constraints for the sport, this coaching service is offered for FREE.  It does have an element of parental involvement to make the sport safe and the atheletes are expected to be swimming, cycling and running to a competent level already.
It's not too late to join the squad, just drop us a line.  Please note:-
  • We do not offer any coaching services to people after year 13.
  • We do not charge for our services, we still rely on parental help to create a safe training environment
  • We have a wealth of support from experienced world class triathletes and athletes
  • We work closely with schools, so your school will need to be aware of your involvement, so we can co-ordinate with the school to assist with entry into school events and where possible have access to training facilities.
Testimonial from a 13 year old athlete (a little end of year poem)

"Jose I am thankful to you, you have definitely come through.
You have been such a great role model, Teaching me not to give up.
I have definitely caused you stress, But I guess in the end everyone is impressed by our success.
Early mornings, sleepy eyes, Our training makes us hungry for pies,
Standing on the podium, The volume goes up as we cheer and thanks each other.
You're the one that we all need, A helping coach to help us succeed.
At the end of the year, We say our goodbyes,
But we will never forget all our allies"